Fire-Boltt Strike Review: Stylish Design, Bluetooth Calling, Under ₹1,800

Fire-Boltt Strike New Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt has recently launched its latest offering, the Fire-Boltt Strike Bluetooth calling smartwatch. Following closely on the heels of the Rise Luxe smartwatch, unveiled earlier this month, the Strike boasts an impressive array of features housed within a rugged design, setting it apart in a crowded market. This comprehensive review will delve into the specifications, features, and performance of the Fire-Boltt Strike, exploring how it caters to the diverse needs of the modern consumer.

Fire-Boltt Strike specifications, features:

Feature Fire-Boltt Strike
Display 1.95" AMOLED screen, 500 nits brightness
Communication Bluetooth Calling
Audio Inbuilt Mic and Speaker
Design Rotating crown, Zinc alloy middle frame
Sports Modes 123 Sports modes
Health Monitoring Sleep, SpO2, and Heart rate tracking, Women’s health
Durability IP67 - Dust and Water-resistant
Battery Life Up to 25 days in Standby mode
Additional Features Smart Notifications, Weather updates, etc.
Colors Black, Camo Black, Camo Green, Gold Black, Orange
Pricing Rs. 1,799
Availability  Amazon 

Design and Display:

The Fire-Boltt Strike introduces a square dial design, exuding durability with a zinc alloy middle frame. Available in a range of strap colors, the smartwatch allows users to personalize their device to match their style.

Fire-Boltt Strike Design and Display

The centerpiece of this wearable is the expansive 1.95-inch AMOLED screen, featuring an always-on display and a vivid resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. With a brightness of 500 nits, the display ensures clear visibility even under varying lighting conditions, providing an immersive visual experience.

Communication Features:

A standout feature of the Fire-Boltt Strike is its Bluetooth calling capability. Equipped with an in-built microphone and speaker, the smartwatch allows users to make and receive calls directly from their wrist. The device also supports quick dial pad functionality, call history tracking, and seamless contact synchronization, enhancing the overall communication experience.

Health and Wellness Tracking:

Under the Fire-Boltt Health Suite, the Strike delivers a comprehensive suite of wellness features. These include real-time heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking for blood oxygen levels, sleep monitoring, and specialized Women's health tracking. The smartwatch goes beyond mere fitness tracking, empowering users with valuable insights into their overall well-being.

Health and Wellness Tracking

Durability and Sports Modes:

Built to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, the Fire-Boltt Strike boasts an IP67 rating, making it dust and water-resistant. With 123 sports modes, users can choose from a wide array of activities, ensuring accurate and detailed tracking for various workouts. The rotating crown adds a touch of sophistication to the design, making navigation through the device's features a seamless experience.

Additional Features:

The Fire-Boltt Strike isn't just a fitness tracker; it's a versatile smartwatch with an array of functionalities. Users can access voice assistants, receive smart notifications, check weather updates, use the stopwatch and alarm features, and even control music playback and camera functions directly from their wrist. The smartwatch also incorporates thoughtful features like a drink water reminder and a sedentary reminder to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Additional Features

Battery Life:

A significant concern with smartwatches is often battery life. The Fire-Boltt Strike addresses this with commendable performance. In Classic Mode, the smartwatch can last up to 8 days on a single charge. With Bluetooth calling in use, the battery life extends to a respectable 5 days. In standby mode, the device can last an impressive 25 days, providing users with flexibility and reducing the need for constant recharging.

Fire-Boltt Strike Pros and Cons:

Rugged and durable
Large and vibrant AMOLED screen
Bluetooth Calling
Up to 8 days in Classic Mode
IP67 rating for dust and water resistance
No built-in GPS
Not suitable for deep-water activities

Pricing and Availability:

The Fire-Boltt Strike is available in a range of attractive colors, including Black, Camo Black, Camo Green, Gold Black, and Orange. Priced at an affordable Rs. 1,799, the smartwatch offers a compelling combination of features and value for money. It is currently available for purchase on, making it easily accessible to a wide audience.


In conclusion, the Fire-Boltt Strike emerges as a noteworthy contender in the competitive smartwatch market. With its robust design, expansive AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling capabilities, and an extensive array of health and wellness features, it caters to the diverse needs of consumers seeking a versatile and reliable wearable. 

The reasonable pricing further positions it as an attractive option for those looking to embrace the benefits of wearable technology without breaking the bank. 

Fire-Boltt's commitment to delivering quality and innovation shines through in the Strike, making it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a feature-packed smartwatch with an Indian audience in mind. As the wearable tech landscape continues to evolve, the Fire-Boltt Strike stands poised to leave a lasting impact.


Q: What features does the Fire-Boltt Strike smartwatch offer?
The Fire-Boltt Strike smartwatch boasts a 1.95" AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, sleep monitoring, and 123 sports modes.

Q: How durable is the Fire-Boltt Strike?
The Fire-Boltt Strike is IP67-rated, making it dust and water-resistant.

Q: Can I make calls directly from the Fire-Boltt Strike?
Yes, the smartwatch supports Bluetooth calling with its in-built microphone and speaker.

Q: What is the battery life of the Fire-Boltt Strike?
The smartwatch offers up to 8 days in Classic Mode, 5 days with Bluetooth calling, and an impressive 25 days in Standby mode on a single charge.

Q: Are there customization options for the Fire-Boltt Strike?
Yes, the smartwatch comes in Black, Camo Black, Camo Green, Gold Black, and Orange colors.

Q: How many sports modes does the Fire-Boltt Strike have?
The Fire-Boltt Strike boasts an impressive 123 sports modes, catering to a wide range of physical activities.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Strike support voice assistants?
Yes, the smartwatch supports voice assistants.

Q: What health monitoring features does the Fire-Boltt Strike include?
The Fire-Boltt Strike includes real-time heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, sleep monitoring, and specialized Women's health tracking.

Q: Is the Fire-Boltt Strike suitable for an active lifestyle?
Absolutely, the smartwatch is designed for an active lifestyle with its rugged build, IP67 rating, and a variety of sports modes catering to different activities.

Q: What is the screen size of the Fire-Boltt Strike smartwatch?
The Fire-Boltt Strike features a large 1.95-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels.

Q: Can I customize the strap of the Fire-Boltt Strike?
Yes, the Fire-Boltt Strike comes in various strap colors, allowing users to personalize their smartwatch to match their style.

Q: Where can I purchase the Fire-Boltt Strike in India?
The Fire-Boltt Strike is available for purchase on at a price of Rs. 1,799.

Q: Is there a rotating crown on the Fire-Boltt Strike for navigation?
Yes, the Fire-Boltt Strike features a rotating crown.