itel A70: India's 1st Budget Phone with 256GB Storage and 12GB RAM Under 8,000

itel A70
itel, a prominent player in the Indian mobile market, is gearing up to launch its latest budget smartphone, the itel A70. This exclusive leak reveals groundbreaking features that position the itel A70 as a game-changer in the sub-Rs 8,000 segment. Boasting 256GB internal storage, 12GB RAM (including 4GB virtual RAM support), and a sleek design, the itel A70 is poised to be India's first phone in this price range with such robust specifications. This article delves into the leaked details, providing insights into the device's design, specifications, pricing, and expected launch timeline.

itel A70 Specifications and Features:

Feature itel A70
Storage 256GB Internal (128GB variant available)
RAM Up to 12GB (including 4GB virtual RAM)
Design Sleek, boxy chassis with rounded edges
Colors Black, Light Blue, Yellow, Green
Display Wide notch, sizeable bezels
Front Camera Traditional wide notch housing the sensor
Additional Features Software-based feature (Possibly Apple's Dynamic Island)
Price Under Rs 8,000
Launch Date January

itel A70 Design and Display:

The leaked render of the itel A70 showcases a sophisticated design with a boxy chassis and rounded edges for enhanced grip. The phone is set to come in vibrant color options, including yellow, green, blue, and light blue. A wide notch housing the front camera sensor is visible, accompanied by sizeable bezels across the screen. The SIM card tray is located on the left edge, contributing to the phone's minimalist yet functional design.

itel A70 Storage and RAM:

A groundbreaking feature of the itel A70 is its massive 256GB internal storage, making it a trailblazer in the sub-Rs 8,000 category. For users seeking more options, the leak suggests a 128GB storage variant. The phone is expected to pack up to 12GB RAM, with 4GB likely attributed to virtual RAM support. This configuration not only exceeds expectations for a budget device but also positions the itel A70 as a strong contender against competitors in higher price brackets.

itel A70 Software and Camera Features:

The leaked details hint at software-based features, possibly mimicking Apple's Dynamic Island. While specifics remain undisclosed, it adds an intriguing element to the itel A70's user experience. The front camera, housed in a traditional wide notch, aligns with industry standards. However, the leaked images suggest that the device might incorporate some innovative camera functionalities, although detailed information is pending.

itel A70 Pricing and Market Impact:

If the leaked pricing information holds true, the itel A70 will disrupt the market by offering unprecedented specifications at an affordable price. Priced under Rs 8,000, itel aims to cater to entry-level users seeking a digital upgrade. The strategic pricing aligns with itel's commitment to providing a comprehensive digital experience to its extensive consumer base of over 9 crores in India. This move solidifies itel's position in the budget smartphone segment, leveraging its track record of success across various price brackets.

itel A70 Launch Timeline:

Industry sources indicate that the itel A70 is set to launch in India in January. While the exact date remains undisclosed, the leak creates anticipation and excitement among consumers eagerly awaiting a budget-friendly smartphone with flagship-level storage and RAM capabilities.


In conclusion, the leaked details about the itel A70 reveal a smartphone poised to redefine expectations in the budget segment. With its unparalleled 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and innovative design, itel aims to provide a compelling option for consumers seeking high-end features without breaking the bank. The anticipation surrounding the itel A70's launch showcases the brand's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the affordable smartphone market.

As itel continues to expand its product portfolio, the itel A70 signifies a strategic move to capture the attention of entry-level users. By delivering cutting-edge features at an accessible price point, itel aims to further strengthen its dominance in the Indian mobile market. As the launch date approaches, consumers can look forward to experiencing a new standard of performance and storage capacity in the budget smartphone category, making the itel A70 a noteworthy addition to the company's successful A-series lineup.