Poco X6 Series Teased by Poco India Head, Himanshu Tandon, Hinting at Imminent Launch

Poco X6 Series

Poco enthusiasts in India have reason to be excited as the highly anticipated Poco X6 series is gearing up for its launch. Following the success of the Poco X5 lineup, the X6 series is expected to introduce new features and improvements. Poco India's Head, Himanshu Tandon, recently teased the launch on social media, hinting at an imminent arrival of the next-generation Poco X devices.

Poco X6 Series Overview:

The Poco X6 series is set to succeed the popular Poco X5 lineup, which made its global debut in February of the current year. The X5 series, consisting of the Poco X5 and the Poco X5 Pro, garnered attention with its powerful specifications. The X5 Pro, equipped with a Snapdragon 778G chipset, and the base model featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 SoC, established Poco as a contender in the mid-range smartphone market.

Teaser from Poco India Head:

Poco India Head, Himanshu Tandon, dropped a subtle but exciting hint on social media. In a post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Tandon extended season's greetings with an intriguing caption. The post included a festive image depicting Santa with sunglasses riding a sleigh pulled by a tech-inspired reindeer, shaped like the letter 'X.' The caption hinted at a forthcoming gift, strongly suggesting the imminent launch of the Poco X6 series in India.

Teaser from Poco India Head

Expected Models:

As per the usual Poco release pattern, the X6 series is likely to comprise both a base and a Pro model. The Poco X6 Pro has already made appearances on certification sites, with the model number 23122PCD1I. Notably, it is expected to support 5G connectivity, as indicated by its listing on the BIS and IMEI websites. This model is speculated to be a rebranded version of the Redmi K70E, launched in China in November.

Release Schedule and Pricing:

Considering the release schedule of previous Poco models, it is anticipated that the Poco X6 Pro might debut in India first, followed by the launch of the base model a few weeks later. The pricing details are yet to be officially revealed, but based on the success of the X5 series, reasonable pricing can be expected. Currently, the Poco X5 is priced at Rs. 18,999 and Rs. 20,999 for its 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB variants, respectively. Meanwhile, the Poco X5 Pro is listed at Rs. 16,999 and Rs. 22,999 for its 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB configurations.

Poco X6 Pro Features and Speculations:

The Poco X6 Pro, as gleaned from various certifications, is anticipated to offer advanced features. With support for GSM, WCDMA LTE, and NR networks, it promises a seamless 5G experience. The likelihood of it being a rebranded Redmi K70E suggests a powerful performance, as seen in its Chinese counterpart. Users can expect an array of cutting-edge specifications, building upon the success of the Poco X5 Pro.

Poco X6 Pro Features and Speculations


In conclusion, the imminent launch of the Poco X6 series in India is generating considerable buzz among smartphone enthusiasts. Poco India's Head, Himanshu Tandon, has effectively teased the launch, creating anticipation for what the next Poco devices will bring to the table. As details continue to emerge, it's evident that Poco is poised to maintain its reputation for delivering feature-rich smartphones at competitive prices. Keep an eye out for further announcements, as the Poco X6 series is set to make waves in the Indian smartphone market soon.