Samsung Galaxy A55 Confirmed: Exynos 1480 SoC, Xclipse 530 GPU Shine on Geekbench

Samsung Galaxy A55

The anticipated Samsung Galaxy A55 has taken a significant step forward in its unveiling process. 

A prototype of the A55 has surfaced on Geekbench, shedding light on some intriguing details about its internal hardware, particularly the System-on-Chip (SoC) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Samsung Galaxy A55 Specifications, Features:

Feature Galaxy A55
Processor Exynos 1480 SoC
GPU AMD RDNA2-based Xclipse 530
Display 6.5-inch FHD+ 120 Hz OLED
Main Camera 50 MP
Charging 25W Wired Charging

Samsung Galaxy A55 Processor:

The Galaxy A55 is expected to feature the Exynos 1480 SoC, succeeding the Exynos 1380 found in its predecessor, the A54, and the Exynos 1280 present in the A53. 

Unlike its predecessors, the Exynos 1480 takes a departure from the conventional Mali GPU, opting instead for the innovative AMD RDNA2-based Xclipse 530 GPU. 

This groundbreaking choice has been corroborated by a recent Geekbench run, unveiling Samsung's strategic move towards a new era of graphical capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy A55 Processor

The Xclipse 530 GPU is raising eyebrows with its potential to support ray tracing in games. 

While this exciting prospect opens doors to enhanced gaming experiences, it is essential to manage expectations, as the actual implementation of ray tracing remains uncertain. 

Nevertheless, this GPU marks a substantial upgrade for the A5x line, promising a commendable leap in graphical performance.

Better Processing Power:

On the CPU front, the Exynos 1480 showcases improvements over its predecessor, the Exynos 1380, although not groundbreaking. The Geekbench results reveal a single-core score of 1,127 and a multi-core score of 2,090 for the A55. 

Comparatively, the A54 scored about 1,108 and 2,797, respectively. While these improvements are not revolutionary, they signify Samsung's commitment to refining the overall performance of its smartphones.

For users hoping for a substantial leap in CPU performance, it seems that such aspirations may need to be deferred for at least another year. The incremental upgrades, while not transformative, contribute to the A55's overall efficiency and responsiveness.

Samsung Galaxy A55 RAM:

The Geekbench run also disclosed that the prototype A55 was equipped with 8GB of RAM, aligning with the maximum RAM configuration available for the A54. 

This suggests a continuation of Samsung's strategy to provide ample memory for smooth multitasking and improved system performance. 

As the A55 enters the market, users can expect a seamless experience, especially when handling resource-intensive applications.

Samsung Galaxy A55 Display and Camera:

Previous rumors have hinted at noteworthy features for the Galaxy A55. It is anticipated to boast a 6.5-inch FHD+ 120 Hz OLED screen, promising vibrant visuals and smooth interactions.

The display specifications position the A55 as a contender in the mid-range smartphone segment, offering an immersive viewing experience.

Camera enthusiasts can look forward to a 50 MP main camera, indicating Samsung's commitment to delivering impressive photography capabilities in its A-series lineup. 

As smartphone photography continues to evolve, the A55's camera setup aims to capture detailed and vibrant images.

Samsung Galaxy A55 Charging:

The A55 is expected to support 25W wired charging, catering to users who prioritize fast charging capabilities. 

However, it's worth noting that Samsung has adopted the trend of excluding chargers from the retail box. 

While this move contributes to environmental sustainability, users should be prepared to acquire a compatible charger separately.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A55's Geekbench revelation provides a glimpse into the smartphone's internal prowess. 

The shift to the Exynos 1480 SoC and the Xclipse 530 GPU signals Samsung's dedication to delivering enhanced graphical experiences. 

While CPU improvements may not be groundbreaking, the overall package positions the A55 as a promising addition to Samsung's popular A-series lineup.

As the A55 makes its way to consumers, it will be interesting to witness how the combination of innovative hardware, a vibrant display, and advanced camera capabilities contributes to its market success. 

Samsung enthusiasts can anticipate a mid-range powerhouse that balances performance and features, offering a compelling option in the competitive smartphone landscape.