Xiaomi Unveils Limited Edition Xiaomi 14 Series & Watch S3 to Match SUV 7 EV

Xiaomi 14 Series and Watch S3 to Match New SUV 7 EV

Xiaomi, a prominent player in the tech industry, has taken a bold step into the electric vehicle market with the introduction of its first electric car, the SUV 7. Available in striking Aqua Blue, Verdant Green, and Mineral Grey, this electric SUV sets the stage for an exciting array of color options. In tandem with this automotive debut, Xiaomi has announced customized limited edition colors for its flagship smartphones, Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro, along with a special variant for the Xiaomi Watch S3. This move not only reinforces Xiaomi's commitment to innovation but also adds a touch of personalization for tech enthusiasts.

Xiaomi SUV 7:

The SUV 7, Xiaomi's inaugural electric car, arrives in three captivating colors: Aqua Blue, Verdant Green, and Mineral Grey. These choices reflect a commitment to aesthetics and individuality in the electric vehicle market. Aqua Blue and Verdant Green evoke a sense of eco-friendliness and innovation, while Mineral Grey offers a sleek and sophisticated option for those who prefer a more understated look.

Xiaomi SUV 7

Xiaomi 14 Series:

In alignment with the SUV 7's color palette, Xiaomi has introduced limited edition colors for its flagship smartphones, the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro. Initially available in White, Black, and Green, the Xiaomi 14 duo now expands its color spectrum with the addition of Gulf Blue and Olive Green. The unique Olive Green shade, distinct from the standard Green option, showcases Xiaomi's attention to detail. Both smartphones feature a Black high metal middle frame and a glass back panel, ensuring a premium and elegant feel.

Xiaomi 14 Series
These limited edition color variants are exclusively offered with the top-tier 16GB + 1TB RAM and storage configuration. Remarkably, the pricing remains unchanged, with the Xiaomi 14 priced at CNY 4,999 (Rs. 60,344 approx.) and the Xiaomi 14 Pro at CNY 5,999 (Rs. 72,415 approx.). This strategic move not only caters to consumers seeking a personalized touch but also emphasizes Xiaomi's dedication to offering premium features at competitive prices.

Xiaomi Watch S3:

Complementing the Xiaomi 14 series, the Xiaomi Watch S3 also receives a makeover with limited edition color options. Exclusively available in the eSIM version, the Gulf Blue variant features a Cyan-colored bezel and a Black strap with a striking Cyan strip running through the middle. On the other hand, the Olive Green variant sports a strap of the same color and a Black bezel, providing a more subdued yet distinctive appearance.

Xiaomi Watch S3
The limited edition Xiaomi Watch S3 is priced at CNY 1,099 (Rs. 13,268 approx.), a slight increase of CNY 100 (Rs. 1,207 approx.) compared to the standard eSIM version. This premium is justified by the exclusive color options and demonstrates Xiaomi's commitment to offering unique choices for consumers who appreciate both technological innovation and personalized style.


Xiaomi's foray into the electric vehicle market with the SUV 7 marks a significant milestone, and the introduction of matching limited edition colors for the Xiaomi 14 series and Watch S3 further enhances the brand's appeal. The cohesive approach to design across different product lines showcases Xiaomi's commitment to providing a seamless and visually cohesive ecosystem for its users.

In a market driven by innovation and personalization, Xiaomi's decision to offer limited edition colors aligns with the ever-evolving preferences of tech enthusiasts. The pricing strategy, maintaining consistency with standard editions, reflects Xiaomi's customer-centric approach. As consumers seek not only cutting-edge technology but also a touch of individuality, Xiaomi's latest offerings prove to be a compelling choice for those looking to stand out in the crowd. With the SUV 7 leading the charge, Xiaomi continues to redefine the boundaries between technology and lifestyle, setting a new standard for integrated and stylish mobility solutions.