Instagram Introduces Nighttime Nudges for Teens, Encouraging Responsible App Usage


  • Instagram now gently reminds teenagers after 10 pm to take a break from the app.
  • Teens can dismiss the reminder, keeping control over their decision to continue using the app.
  • Instagram takes steps to protect teens, automatically restricting access to harmful content like self-harm and violence.

Instagram, a globally popular social media platform, has introduced a new safety feature aimed at teenagers to encourage healthier app usage. Recognizing the popularity of the app among teens, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has implemented a feature known as "nighttime nudges."

What Are Instagram Nighttime Nudges?

The nighttime nudges are gentle reminders designed to prompt teens to take a break from the app when it's getting late. Specifically, Instagram will send these nudges if a teenager has spent more than 10 minutes engaged in activities such as watching Reels or sending direct messages (DMs) late at night.

What Are Instagram Nighttime Nudges

How Do Nighttime Nudges Work?

After 10 pm, teens will see a message on their screen saying, "Time for a break? It's getting late. Consider closing Instagram for the night." This reminder serves as a subtle signal for users to be mindful of their screen time and consider logging off.

Default Setting and User Control:

By default, this feature will be activated for all teenage users, and they won't have the option to opt out initially. However, users retain the freedom to dismiss these nudges, ultimately deciding whether to continue using the app or not.

Effectiveness and Potential Impact:

While the effectiveness of this feature remains uncertain, the constant reminders may influence teens to be more mindful of their screen time. It is worth noting the irony of such reminders considering the captivating nature of Instagram's endless scrolling feature and recommended content.

Instagram's Commitment to Safety:

This move is part of Instagram's broader efforts to enhance safety for its younger users. In addition to nighttime nudges, the platform has implemented measures to restrict teen accounts from accessing harmful content related to self-harm, graphic violence, and eating disorders.


As Instagram continues to evolve, the introduction of nighttime nudges reflects the platform's commitment to fostering a safer and more responsible online environment for teenagers. The ultimate impact of this feature on user behavior remains to be seen, but it represents a step towards addressing concerns related to excessive screen time among the app's younger audience.

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