Instagram's Upcoming Feature: Sharing User Profiles on Stories


  • Instagram is introducing a feature that lets you share someone's profile on your Stories, helping boost their visibility.
  • Instagram now allows you to display song lyrics on Reels and offers improved editing tools for a more creative experience.
  • Users in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland can now enjoy an ad-free Instagram experience with Meta's new paid subscription.

  • Instagram, the photo and video-sharing giant owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), is set to roll out a new feature that could revolutionize the way users engage with content. This anticipated feature, discovered by noted developer Alessandro Paluzzi, involves the ability to share another user's Instagram profile directly on your Stories. In this article, we will delve into the details of this upcoming feature, its potential impact, and recent additions to the platform.

    Instagram Stories - A Brief Overview:

    Instagram Stories, introduced in 2016, has emerged as a dynamic and interactive feature, allowing users to share ephemeral photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Its popularity skyrocketed, reaching a milestone of 500 million daily users in 2019. Now, Instagram is gearing up to enhance this feature further.

    Sharing Profiles on Stories:

    According to Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is developing a feature that enables users to share other users' profiles directly on their Stories. Similar to the existing "Add to Story" option, this functionality allows users to showcase a profile on their Instagram Story, encouraging followers to visit and follow the featured account.

    Sharing Profiles on Stories

    The shared profile on Stories will include a "View Profile" button, prompting viewers to explore the mentioned profile. This feature aims to amplify profile visibility and potentially increase follower counts, particularly beneficial for content creators and influencers looking to expand their reach.

    How It Works:

    Users will have the option to select a profile they wish to share on their Story, using a mechanism likely similar to the current "Add to Story" process for photos and videos. Once shared, the profile invite will be visible on the Story for 24 hours, aligning with Instagram's ephemeral nature. After this period, the invite will vanish, not appearing on the profile grid or in the main feed.

    Recent Instagram Updates:

    In addition to this forthcoming feature, Instagram has been consistently introducing new functionalities. Recently, the platform incorporated song lyrics display for Reels, offering users more options to customize their content with favorite tunes. Further enhancing Reels, Instagram unveiled new editing tools, including the ability to crop and rotate individual clips.

    The Close Friends feature, allowing users to share posts and reels exclusively with a selected audience, has also expanded. This feature ensures that content intended for a specific group remains visible only to those on the designated list.

    Meta's Paid Ad-Free Subscription:

    In a move catering to user preferences, Meta is now offering a paid ad-free subscription for Instagram users in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. This subscription model provides users in these regions with an ad-free experience, potentially indicating a shift in how social media platforms explore revenue streams.


    As Instagram continues to evolve, the introduction of the ability to share user profiles on Stories stands out as a promising development. This feature not only adds a new layer of interactivity but also opens up avenues for content creators to enhance their visibility and audience engagement. 

    With Instagram's commitment to innovation evident in recent updates, users can anticipate a more dynamic and personalized experience on the platform. Keep an eye out for the official release of this feature, as it has the potential to reshape the way users connect and share content on Instagram.