Jio Launches Unlimited International Roaming Plans, Starting at Rs. 898

Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio, one of India's leading telecom operators, has rolled out a series of unlimited international roaming plans, catering to the needs of globetrotting customers. These plans, ranging from Rs. 898 to Rs. 3,455, offer a comprehensive package of services and benefits for travelers heading to countries like UAE, US, and Mexico.

1. Affordable Plans for UAE Travelers:

Jio users traveling to the UAE can choose from three budget-friendly international roaming plans. Priced at Rs. 898, Rs. 1,598, and Rs. 2,998, these plans offer validity periods of 7, 14, and 24 days, respectively. The comprehensive Rs. 2,998 plan includes 250 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls to India, along with 7GB of data. For those with shorter stays, the Rs. 898 and Rs. 1,598 plans provide 100 and 150 voice calls, along with 3GB and 1GB of data, respectively. Unlimited incoming SMS is included in all plans, and after the high-speed data limit is exhausted, the speed is reduced to 64Kbps.

Plan Validity Voice Calls Data
Rs. 898 Plan 7 days 100 3GB
Rs. 1,598 Plan 14 days 150 1GB
Rs. 2,998 Plan 24 days 250 7GB

2. Options for US, Mexico, and US Virgin Islands:

Jio is extending its international roaming services to users traveling to the US, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands. The basic plan, priced at Rs. 1,555, offers 10 days of validity, 150-minute voice calls, and 7GB of data. For extended stays, users can opt for the Rs. 2,555 and Rs. 3,455 plans, providing 250-minute voice calls, 15GB data with 21 days validity, and 25GB data with 30 days validity, respectively. All plans include unlimited incoming calls, including Wi-Fi calls, and incoming SMS. Outgoing calls over Wi-Fi are permitted for calls to India only.

Plan Validity Voice Calls Data
Rs. 1,555 Plan 10 days 150 7GB
Rs. 2,555 Plan 21 days 250 15GB
Rs. 3,455 Plan 30 days 250 25GB

3. Annual Plan for Extensive Travel:

Jio has introduced an annual roaming plan priced at Rs. 2,799. This comprehensive plan includes 100 outgoing and incoming minutes along with 25GB of data. Covering 51 countries, it caters to users with frequent international travel needs.

4. In-Flight Connectivity Plans:

Adding to its array of offerings, Jio has also launched new in-flight plans starting at Rs. 195, ensuring users stay connected even at cruising altitudes.

5. Unlimited Benefits Across Plans:

All the newly introduced plans share common features such as unlimited voice calling support to India, unlimited incoming SMS, and the option for Wi-Fi calls. Once the high-speed data limit is reached, the reduced speed is set at 64Kbps, ensuring users remain connected even after exhausting their initial data quota.


Reliance Jio's latest foray into international roaming plans underscores its commitment to providing affordable and versatile connectivity solutions for its users. With a range of options catering to different travel durations and destinations, Jio is poised to enhance the travel experience for its customers, keeping them connected without breaking the bank.