Nokia and Honor Forge Collaboration Through 5G Patents Cross-Licensing Agreement

Nokia and Honor Forge Collaboration Through 5G Patents Cross-Licensing Agreement
In a strategic move benefiting both Nokia and Honor, the two tech giants have recently inked a significant 5G patents cross-licensing agreement, showcasing a commitment to advancing 5G technology while avoiding potential legal entanglements. This collaboration, announced on January 4th, underscores the strength of Nokia's patent portfolio and Honor's dedication to intellectual property rights.

Nokia-Honor 5G Patents Agreement:

This groundbreaking deal encompasses fundamental inventions in 5G and other cellular networks, setting the stage for further progress in the development and deployment of 5G technology. While specific terms remain confidential, the satisfaction expressed by both companies indicates a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Susanna Martikainen, Chief Licensing Officer at Nokia, highlighted the agreement's significance, emphasizing Nokia's extensive contributions to mobile technology over decades. The Finnish giant views this collaboration as a testament to the robustness of its patent portfolio, having invested over €140 billion in research and development since 2000, resulting in approximately 20,000 patent families, with over 6,000 crucial for 5G.

On the other side, Honor's representative, Zhou Wenyu, reiterated the company's commitment to intellectual property rights and fair pricing for essential patents. This agreement aligns with Honor's dedication to innovation, with reports suggesting they allocate around 10% of their revenue to research and development, accumulating a global patent application count exceeding 20,000.

Strategic Moves in the Mobile Industry:

For Nokia, this marks the fourth major smartphone patent agreement in the past 12 months, following collaborations with Samsung in early 2023 and Apple in July. With these partnerships, Nokia is solidifying its presence in the competitive landscape of 5G patents.

The recent Chinese court ruling in favor of Nokia in a patent royalty dispute with another phone maker adds a global precedent for 2G-5G standard essential patent litigation. This decision underscores the strength of Nokia's position in defending its intellectual property rights.


The Nokia-Honor 5G patents cross-licensing agreement goes beyond a mere contractual handshake. By fostering collaboration and avoiding potential legal disputes, both companies are positioning themselves as key players in shaping the future of 5G technology. As the mobile industry continues to evolve, strategic alliances like these pave the way for innovation and ensure the smooth progression of essential technologies.