Samsung Drops Prices for Galaxy M14, M04, F14, and F04 in India

Samsung Galaxy M14, M04, F14, and F04
Samsung, the renowned South Korean tech giant, has recently implemented a substantial price reduction on several models from its Galaxy M and F series smartphones in the Indian market. The smartphones that have received the price cut include the Galaxy M14, Galaxy M04, Galaxy F14, and Galaxy F04. Below are the revised pricing details for each model.

Samsung Galaxy M14:

The 4GB + 128GB variant of the Galaxy M14, originally priced at 13,490 INR, is now available at a discounted rate of 12,490 INR. Simultaneously, the 6GB + 128GB version, previously costing 14,990 INR, is now listed at 13,990 INR.

Samsung Galaxy F14:

The Galaxy F14 comes in two storage configurations – 4GB + 128GB and 6GB + 128GB. The former now boasts a reduced price of 11,990 INR, down from its original price of 14,490 INR. The latter, previously priced at 15,990 INR, now carries a 13,490 INR price tag.

Samsung Galaxy M04 and Galaxy F04:

Both the Galaxy M04 and Galaxy F04 are available in a single 4GB + 64GB configuration. The Galaxy M04 receives a price cut of 500 INR, now available at 7,999 INR. Similarly, the Galaxy F04 sees a price reduction of 1,500 INR, bringing its price down to 7,999 INR.

These revised prices have been officially implemented by Samsung, making these budget-friendly devices even more accessible to consumers. The updated pricing is now in effect across various purchasing platforms, including offline and online channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung's official Indian website.

Key Pricing Changes:

Model Memory Previous Price (INR) New Price (INR)
Galaxy M14 4GB + 128GB 13,490 11,999
6GB + 128GB 14,990 12,999
Galaxy F14 4GB + 128GB 14,490 11,990
6GB + 128GB 15,990 12,798
Galaxy M04 and F04 4GB + 64GB 8,999 7,999

Customers can take advantage of these lowered prices immediately, creating an excellent opportunity for those looking for budget-friendly yet feature-rich smartphones. Samsung's commitment to providing affordable options is evident in these strategic price adjustments, enhancing the competitiveness of these devices in the Indian market.

How to Purchase:

Interested customers can explore and purchase these smartphones at the updated prices from a variety of platforms, including popular online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as Samsung's official Indian website. The seamless availability across online and offline channels ensures that consumers have multiple options to acquire their desired Samsung Galaxy device.

In conclusion, Samsung's decision to reduce the prices of these Galaxy M and F series smartphones aligns with its commitment to delivering value to consumers. The official price cuts make these devices more appealing to budget-conscious consumers, presenting an attractive proposition in the competitive Indian smartphone market.