Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Receives FCC Certification: What to Expect

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G
The Samsung Galaxy A35 5G has achieved FCC certification, setting the stage for its upcoming launch. The device, bearing model numbers SM-A356U and SM-A356E, has been listed on the FCC website, offering a glimpse into some key features. This certification, coupled with previous appearances on Geekbench and leaked renders, hints at an impending release for this anticipated smartphone, expected to succeed the Galaxy A34 5G from the previous year.

FCC Certification Details:

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G FCC
The FCC certification reveals crucial information about the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G. Notably, the device supports 5G connectivity, NFC, and includes an SD card slot for expanded storage options. The accompanying test equipment support list indicates that the smartphone will be compatible with a 25W charger, denoted by the model number EP-TA800.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G FCC Data
However, the certification does not provide additional specifics about the device, and it is anticipated that more certifications will follow in the coming weeks.

Specifications and Performance:

According to data from the Geekbench database, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is expected to feature the Exynos 1380 processor. With 6GB of RAM onboard, the smartphone will ship with the Android 14 operating system straight out of the box. This configuration suggests a robust performance for users, aligning with the evolving demands of modern smartphone users.

Design from Leaked Renders:

Leaked renders offer a visual preview of the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G's design. The device is showcased with a flat frame, incorporating a key island on the right side. The rear of the phone boasts three vertically stacked camera sensors. The front is expected to feature a 6.6-inch center-aligned punch-hole display, characterized by minimal bezels for an immersive viewing experience.
Design from Leaked Renders

Launch and Availability:

According to a report from earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is anticipated to make its debut alongside the Galaxy A55 in the second quarter of this year. This aligns with the pattern of Samsung's previous releases, offering consumers a range of options catering to diverse preferences and requirements.


In summary, the FCC certification of the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G marks a significant step toward its official launch. The device's support for 5G, NFC, and an SD card slot, coupled with the indications of a 25W charger, positions it as a competitive option in the smartphone market. 

As more certifications and details emerge, consumers can look forward to a device that combines performance, design, and the latest connectivity features. 

The impending release of the Galaxy A35 5G alongside the Galaxy A55 adds to the anticipation, promising a dynamic lineup from Samsung in the coming months. Keep an eye out for further updates as the launch date approaches.