iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra Drop Test Showdown: Which Phone Emerges Victorious?

In the world of smartphones, durability is a key factor for many consumers. With the latest releases from tech giants Apple and Samsung boasting titanium frames, the battle for the most durable device is heating up. A recent drop test conducted by PhoneBuff has shed light on how the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 Ultra stack up against each other in terms of resilience.
iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra Drop Test

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra are leading contenders in the smartphone market, both featuring titanium components designed to enhance durability. The PhoneBuff drop test aimed to evaluate which device could withstand the rigors of real-world usage better.

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max Drop Test:

Round 1: Back Drop Test

In the initial round, both phones were dropped flat on their backs, resulting in shattered glass panels on both devices. However, the damage was more pronounced on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, leading PhoneBuff to award this round to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Round 2: Corner Drop Test

Round two focused on dropping the phones from a corner angle to test the resilience of their titanium frames. While both devices sustained minor dents, the iPhone began losing bits of glass, resulting in a draw for this round.

Round 3: Front Drop Test

Samsung's adoption of a flat display with Gorilla Armor for the Galaxy S24 Ultra did not prevent significant damage when dropped flat on its front. In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro Max emerged relatively unscathed, maintaining functionality despite the impact, securing a win for Apple in this round.

Round 4: Bonus Round

The fourth and final round pushed the devices to their limits, repeatedly dropping them face-down on a metal surface from a greater height. While both phones exhibited signs of damage, the iPhone's screen became non-functional after multiple drops, whereas the Galaxy S24 Ultra remained fully operational, earning Samsung the victory in this grueling test.

Overall Results:

PhoneBuff awarded the Galaxy S24 Ultra 37 points and the iPhone 15 Pro Max 36 points, indicating a narrow victory for Samsung's flagship. Despite its strong performance in the first three rounds, the iPhone faltered in the final test. However, PhoneBuff emphasizes that real-world scenarios rarely involve such extreme conditions, suggesting that Apple's device may still offer superior durability in everyday use.


The drop test between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 Ultra has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each device in terms of durability. While Samsung's flagship emerged as the winner in this particular test, consumers should consider their own usage patterns and priorities when choosing between these two leading smartphones. Ultimately, whether it's Apple or Samsung, both companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the pursuit of creating more resilient devices for their customers.