Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Leaked Manual Reveals Apple Watch-Like Design

The Galaxy Fit 3, has created a buzz even before its official release. In a surprising turn of events, the user manual for the device has been leaked online, offering a sneak peek into its design and features. Interestingly, the Galaxy Fit 3 appears to draw inspiration from the Apple Watch, with a rectangular display. Despite Samsung's official announcement still pending, the inadvertent listings on the company's website and the leaked manual provide intriguing insights into the upcoming fitness tracker.

Galaxy Fit 3 Key Details from Leaked Manual:

Galaxy Fit 3 Key Details from Leaked Manual

1. Design Resembling Apple Watch:

The leaked images suggest that the Galaxy Fit 3 will feature a display with a wider aspect ratio, bearing a resemblance to the design of the Apple Watch. This departure from previous Fit models indicates Samsung's efforts to enhance the device's visual appeal.

2. Always-On Display (AOD) Feature:
One notable feature is the inclusion of an always-on display (AOD), allowing users to have information continuously visible on the screen. This feature enhances convenience and accessibility for users who want real-time updates without constantly activating the display.

3. Health and Fitness Tracking Capabilities:
While the Galaxy Fit 3 may lack some sensors present in Samsung's smartwatches, it still promises robust health and fitness tracking capabilities. These include heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, stress tracking, step counting, exercise tracking, and sleep pattern monitoring. Despite potential lower accuracy in sleep tracking compared to Galaxy smartwatches, it aims to provide comprehensive health insights.

4. Water-Resistant Design:
The leaked manual highlights a convenient water lock feature that automatically activates during water-based exercises, ensuring the device's functionality during activities like swimming. With an IPX8 water-resistant rating, the Galaxy Fit 3 can withstand submersion in 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Galaxy Fit 3 Specifications and Features:

Galaxy Fit 3 Specifications and Features

1. Display and Resolution:

Anticipated to sport a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 256 x 402, the Galaxy Fit 3 is poised to offer a visually appealing and vibrant display. Users can choose from a wide selection of over 100 watch faces to personalize their experience.

2. Workout Modes and Battery Life:
Expectations include support for more than 100 workout modes, catering to diverse fitness preferences. The fitness band is projected to boast an impressive battery life of up to 13 days on a single charge, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent recharging.


As the leaked user manual circulates online, Samsung enthusiasts eagerly await the official launch of the Galaxy Fit 3. The device's potential resemblance to the Apple Watch, combined with its promising features, hints at a compelling addition to Samsung's wearable lineup. Keep an eye out for further updates, as the Galaxy Fit 3 inches closer to its official release, possibly available in vibrant Orange and Dark Green color options.