Samsung Plans Re-release of Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in 2024

Samsung enthusiasts have something to look forward to in 2024 as the tech giant is rumored to breathe new life into two of its popular products – the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the Galaxy Watch 4. Renowned tipster Roland Quandt provides a glimpse into this potential re-release, marking the second return for the tablet and the inaugural revisit for the smartwatch.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite's Encore:

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, initially launched in 2020, is set to see its second re-release. Sporting an Exynos 9611 chip in its first iteration, it made a comeback in 2022 with the upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G and Snapdragon 720G chipsets. While details on the 2024 edition remain scant, it is noteworthy that this marks a continuing trend of Samsung revisiting successful devices.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite's Encore

Galaxy Watch 4's Return:

The Galaxy Watch 4, having first graced wrists in 2021, is poised for its maiden re-release in 2024. The information currently available is limited to the name and the year, leaving consumers curious about potential upgrades or changes. Unlike the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, this marks the first encore for the Galaxy Watch 4.
Galaxy Watch 4's Return

Speculation and Expectations:

Roland Quandt's revelation doesn't delve into the specifics of the re-released models, leaving enthusiasts wondering whether there will be notable hardware changes. Drawing a parallel with the Galaxy S20 FE's 2022 edition, which mirrored its 2020 counterpart, it is suggested that firmware updates may be the primary focus.

What to Anticipate:

While the exact details remain a mystery, one can expect the devices to feature the latest firmware updates, potentially enhancing user experience without substantial hardware alterations. Samsung enthusiasts keen on staying at the forefront of technology may find these re-releases an appealing prospect.

Final Thoughts:

As Samsung continues its trend of revisiting successful devices, the 2024 editions of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Watch 4 bring an air of excitement for tech enthusiasts. Whether you're an early adopter or contemplating an upgrade, keeping an eye on forthcoming announcements will unveil the full extent of what these revived gadgets have to offer.


While awaiting further details, those eager for the latest from Samsung can explore the current Galaxy Watch 6 series available on platforms like Amazon. Stay tuned for updates on the re-released Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Watch 4 as more information is expected to surface in the coming days.