Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Faces Potential Ban in India Again

Popular mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) might face another ban in India, raising concerns about the future of the country's esports industry.

Reasons for the Potential Ban:

The Indian government's cybersecurity division reportedly expressed concerns about several aspects of BGMI, including:
  • An incident involving a foreign national: News reports cite the case of an individual entering India illegally to meet someone they met through PUBG Mobile, the game's predecessor.
  • Data security fears: The government is concerned about the potential misuse of player data collected by Krafton, the game's developer, which is a South Korean company with Chinese ownership.
  • Data storage and transfer: Authorities are apprehensive about BGMI's data being stored in US servers and potentially being shared with servers in China.
These factors, according to the government, could pose a threat to national security. As a result, they have reportedly "recommended" that Krafton discontinue the game in India.

Impact on the Esports Industry:

A potential BGMI ban could have significant negative consequences for the burgeoning Indian esports industry. Here's why:
Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
  • Large player base: India boasts a massive gaming community, with reports suggesting over 450 million gamers, including 100 million active daily players.
  • Industry growth: The Indian gaming industry is experiencing rapid growth, projected to reach a value of Rs 269 billion in 2024, surpassing the film industry.
  • BGMI's role: BGMI, and its predecessor PUBG Mobile, have played a crucial role in this growth, fostering new gamers and streamers who have even found career opportunities within the game.

A ban on BGMI could:

  • Discourage players: Disrupt the existing player base, leading to a decline in interest and participation in esports tournaments and activities.
  • Discourage investment: Discourage foreign companies and investors from entering the Indian esports market due to concerns about the regulatory environment.

Current Situation and Future Developments:

Krafton is reportedly scheduled to meet with government officials next week to present their case against the ban. The outcome of this meeting will determine the game's future in India.


The potential ban on BGMI highlights the complex interplay between national security concerns, data privacy, and the growth of the esports industry in India. While the government's concerns are valid, a measured approach considering the potential economic and social impacts is crucial.