Google Maps on Galaxy Watch Introduces Public Transit Options

Google Maps on Wear OS is finally rolling out public transit directions. This long-awaited feature was first announced at MWC 2024 and reiterated in the March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop.

How it Works:

The new functionality arrives through a server-side update to Google Maps for Wear OS (version 11.119.0702.W). If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, 5, or 6 and this version of the app, you should soon see a new "Transit" option alongside the familiar "Driving," "Walking," and "Cycling" options when searching for directions.
Galaxy Watch 6
image: Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Choosing "Transit" provides turn-by-turn guidance specifically designed for public transportation. This includes navigating to the nearest station, specifying which bus or train to catch, and informing you of arrival and departure times.

Benefits for Galaxy Watch Users:

This update makes trip planning on your Galaxy Watch much more convenient. No more need to juggle your phone for public transport directions. With a quick glance at your watch, you can access real-time information to navigate your city efficiently using buses, trains, ferries, or other public transport options (availability may vary by region).

How to Get Public Transit Directions:

Google Maps on Wear OS
Google Maps on Wear OS
  • Ensure you have Google Maps for Wear OS version 11.119.0702.W or later. If not, update the app through the Google Play Store on your watch.
  • Search for your desired destination on your Galaxy Watch.
  • Look for the new "Transit" option alongside "Driving," "Walking," and "Cycling."
  • Select "Transit" to see turn-by-turn directions optimized for public transportation.
This update is a significant improvement for Galaxy Watch users who rely on public transportation. Now, you can navigate your city with ease, directly from your wrist.