iQOO Pad 2 Series: Exciting Leaks Unveil Large Screen and Powerful Chipset

Tech enthusiasts looking for a new Android tablet might want to keep an eye out for the upcoming iQOO Pad 2 series. Leaks suggest these devices will pack a punch with powerful processors and large screens, making them ideal for gaming, entertainment, and productivity.

Rebranded Vivo Tablets?

Vivo Pad 3 Pro
image: Vivo Pad Air
iQOO, a sub-brand of Vivo known for its high-performance smartphones, is rumored to be releasing a new line of tablets soon. Based on leaks from industry insider Digital Chat Station (DCS), the iQOO Pad 2 series might borrow heavily from Vivo's upcoming tablet offerings. This wouldn't be the first time iQOO has taken this approach, as the original iQOO Pad was essentially a tweaked version of the Vivo Pad 2.
iQOO Pad 2 series Leak
iQOO Pad 2 series Leak

Large LCD Screens and Powerful Performance:

The leaked specifications for the iQOO Pad 2 series point towards large LCD screens, a display technology known for its affordability and brightness. While some tablets are shifting to OLED screens for deeper blacks and richer colors, LCD still offers a great viewing experience for many users.

The real star of the show might be the processor. DCS claims the iQOO Pad 2 series will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset. This cutting-edge processor promises top-notch performance, making the tablets suitable for demanding tasks like gaming and video editing.

Multiple Models Expected:

The use of the term "series" in DCS's Weibo post suggests that there could be more than one iQOO Pad 2 model. This aligns with reports suggesting Vivo will unveil two new tablets: the Vivo Pad 3 Pro with the Dimensity 9300 and the Vivo Pad 3 with the upcoming Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor. It's likely that at least one iQOO Pad 2 will be a rebranded version of the Vivo Pad 3 Pro.

Vivo Pad 3 Pro Specs (Rumored):

If the leaks hold true, the Vivo Pad 3 Pro (and potentially an iQOO Pad 2 model based on it) will boast a large 12.95-inch LCD panel with a sharp 3K resolution and a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. This combination is ideal for gamers and anyone who desires a super responsive and visually immersive experience.

Under the hood, the rumored 16GB of RAM should ensure excellent multitasking capabilities, while the 512GB of storage provides ample space for apps, games, and media. An 11,500mAh battery with 80W fast charging support promises long battery life and quick charging times. In terms of cameras, the leaks suggest an 8-megapixel front camera for video calls and a 13-megapixel rear camera for capturing photos.

Final Thoughts:

With the leaks suggesting a powerful processor, large display, and long battery life, the upcoming iQOO Pad 2 series appears to be shaping up as a compelling option for Android tablet users. While official details are still awaited, these leaks provide an exciting glimpse into what we might expect from iQOO's next generation of tablets.