Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Expected in Three Versions with More Powerful Chip

Rumors suggest Samsung is planning to release three versions of its upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 smartwatch. This would be a first for Samsung, which has typically offered two variants (classic and standard) in recent years. The new wearables are expected to launch alongside other Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Ring and foldable phones, at an Unpacked event in July.

Multiple Watch 7 Models:

Samsung Watch 7 Models
image: Samsung Watch 6
Leak reports suggest the Galaxy Watch 7 will come in Classic and Pro versions, alongside a yet-unnamed third option. This third variant could potentially be the rumored rectangular-shaped Galaxy Watch.

Improved Performance and Battery Life:

The new smartwatches are rumored to be equipped with Samsung's Exynos W940 chip, which is said to be 50% more power efficient than the previous generation's chip. While this likely won't translate to double the battery life, it should lead to noticeable improvements. The W940 might also be the first Samsung chip built on a 3nm process, further contributing to its efficiency and potentially offering a 30% performance boost.

What to Expect:

With an official announcement likely in July, we can anticipate learning more details about the Galaxy Watch 7's features, specifications, and pricing in the coming months.