Truecaller Now Uses AI to Block Spam Calls on Android (But Not iPhone)

Truecaller has rolled out a new AI-powered spam blocking feature on its Android app. Let's delve into the details of this update and how it can improve your call experience.

Curbing Spam Calls with AI:

Truecaller's latest update introduces "Max" protection, a premium feature that utilizes AI to automatically block suspected spam calls. This builds upon Truecaller's existing spam blocking methods, which rely on identifying phone numbers against a database of reported spammers.

The AI analyzes incoming calls from unrecognized numbers or those flagged as potential spam by Truecaller's algorithms. If deemed suspicious, the call is automatically blocked without ever reaching your phone. This aims to significantly reduce unwanted interruptions and improve overall call experience.

How to Activate AI Spam Blocking:

The AI spam blocking feature is exclusive to Truecaller's Android app (version 13.58 or later) and requires a Premium subscription. To activate it:
  • Open the Truecaller app and navigate to Settings.
  • Select "Block."
  • Choose the new "Max" option (not available in previous versions).

Important Note for iPhone Users:
Due to Apple's privacy restrictions on apps accessing spam call data, the AI spam blocking feature is currently unavailable on Truecaller's iOS app.

Potential Drawbacks and Improvements:

Truecaller acknowledges that the AI might occasionally block calls from legitimate businesses. To minimize this, they've incorporated user feedback and refined the algorithms. The company assures further improvements in the future.

Availability and Pricing:

The AI-powered Max spam blocking feature is presently exclusive to Truecaller's Android app with a Premium subscription. In India, subscription plans range from Rs. 149 to Rs. 5,000 annually, offering additional benefits like call recording, call screening, and live chat support.

Truecaller's AI spam blocking is a promising step towards a spam-free calling experience. While exclusive to Android Premium users for now, it signifies a positive development in the fight against unwanted calls.