iPhone SE 4 Case Leak Reveals iPhone 14-Inspired Design and Upgrades

The iPhone SE 4 has been generating a lot of buzz lately, with rumors suggesting a significant design upgrade. Following up on leaked CAD renders, a recent image of a purported iPhone SE 4 case has surfaced online, offering a closer look at the phone's design language.

iPhone 14-Inspired Design:

The leaked case reveals a design that closely resembles the iPhone 14, featuring a notch at the top of the display. This is a major departure from the previous iPhone SE models, which sported an older iPhone 8-like design with a prominent home button. The switch to a notch suggests the removal of the Touch ID button, paving the way for Face ID on the iPhone SE 4 for the first time.
iPhone SE 4
iPhone SE 4 Design

Modern Flat Edges and Single Rear Camera:

The leaked case also showcases flat edges for the iPhone SE 4, aligning it with the current iPhone design aesthetic. This design change gives the phone a more modern look, making it visually comparable to Apple's newer models despite its expected affordable price tag.
iPhone SE 4 Design
iPhone SE 4 Design
On the back, the case reveals a single rear camera positioned in the top-left corner. The leaked information aligns with previous rumors suggesting a 48-megapixel sensor for the primary camera.

Additional Rumors and Release Timeline:

While the leaked case offers a glimpse into the iPhone SE 4's design, other rumors hint at an Action Button and a USB-C port, which would be significant upgrades. However, it's important to note that these are just rumors, and the final specifications may differ.

There's no official confirmation from Apple regarding the iPhone SE 4's release date. However, leaks suggest a potential launch in 2025, so we might not see the new phone this year.