Google Wallet Launches in India: Manage Tickets, Passes, and More in One App

Google Wallet has finally landed in India, offering Android users a convenient way to store and manage their everyday essentials. Similar to Apple Wallet, it lets you ditch the physical clutter and keep boarding passes, loyalty cards, event tickets, public transport passes, gift cards, and more all in one secure app.

Here's a breakdown of what Google Wallet offers in India, its key features, and how to get started.

Google Wallet vs. Google Pay:

While Google Wallet focuses on storing digital passes and documents, Google Pay remains your go-to app for UPI payments in India. They work seamlessly together – you can access Google Wallet directly within the Google Pay app.

Getting Started with Google Wallet:

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
The Google Wallet app isn't directly available on the Play Store yet, but you can search for it on Chrome and download it from the official link. Since it's a new launch, the app might take some time to reach everyone. Currently, there's no word on an iOS version.

Here's a quick guide to using Google Wallet:
  • 1. Download the App: Search for "Google Wallet" on Chrome and follow the download link.
  • 2. Add Essentials: Open the app and tap "Add to Wallet." You can add items by:
  • Taking a photo of a pass with a barcode or QR code.
  • Selecting "Loyalty" to add digital loyalty cards from partnered brands like Flipkart, Domino's, and Shoppers Stop.
  • Choosing "Gift Cards" or "Transit Passes" for respective additions.
  • 3. Automatic Integration: Look for the "Add to Google" button online or in other apps to directly add boarding passes and tickets to your Wallet.
Bonus Features for Pixel Users: Pixel users can simply take a screenshot of their boarding pass and tap "Add to Google Wallet" for quick integration.

Google Wallet Features Tailored for India:

Google Wallet Features
Google Wallet Features
Google has partnered with over 20 popular brands in India, including PVR & INOX cinemas, Air India and Indigo airlines, Flipkart e-commerce, and Abhibus travel booking. This ensures compatibility with many of the services you frequently use.

Beyond storing essentials, Google Wallet offers additional features:
  • Corporate Badge Support: Add your work ID for convenient building access if your company uses Wavelynx or Alert Enterprise.
  • Custom Pass Creation: Create new digital passes from any image with a barcode or QR code, making it useful for airline boarding passes, luggage tags, or even parking receipts.
  • Smart Personalization: Enable this feature in Gmail to automatically add tickets and passes received via email directly to your Google Wallet.


Google Wallet brings a unified digital experience to Indian Android users. By storing and managing essential documents and passes in one secure app, it simplifies everyday tasks and eliminates the need to carry physical clutter. With its launch, Google Pay now focuses solely on contactless payments, while Google Wallet offers a centralized hub for your digital essentials in India.