Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Prices Leaked Ahead of January 17 Event

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Prices Revealed
Samsung enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the company's first Galaxy Unpacked event of the year, titled 'Galaxy AI is coming,' scheduled for January 17. The spotlight is on the upcoming flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. While the official details are yet to be disclosed, recent leaks, especially in Italy, have provided a glimpse into the expected pricing of these highly anticipated devices.

Pricing in Italy:

WinFuture's Roland Quandt shared insights into the potential pricing of the Galaxy S24 series in Italy, giving consumers an idea of what to expect. The base model, Galaxy S24 with 128GB storage, is speculated to retail at EUR 899 (approximately Rs. 81,900), while the 256GB variant might cost EUR 959 (around Rs. 87,400). Moving up the range, the Galaxy S24+ is expected to be priced at EUR 1,149 (roughly Rs. 1,04,700) for the 256GB model and EUR 1,269 (approximately Rs. 1,15,600) for the 512GB variant.

The flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra, known for its top-tier features, is anticipated to have a price tag of EUR 1,449 (roughly Rs. 1,32,100) for the 256GB storage model and EUR 1,569 (approximately Rs. 1,43,000) for the 512GB variant. For users seeking the pinnacle of storage, a 1TB configuration is rumored to be available at EUR 1,809 (around Rs. 1,64,900).

Pricing in Italy

Previous Pricing Leaks:

Earlier leaks had surfaced, providing potential pricing details in South Korea. The standard Galaxy S24, equipped with 256GB of storage, could be priced at KRW 1,155,000 (roughly Rs. 73,000), while the 512GB variant might carry a price tag of KRW 1,298,000 (approximately Rs. 82,000). Moving to the Galaxy S24+, prices were speculated at KRW 1,353,000 (around Rs. 86,000) for the 256GB model and KRW 1,496,000 (roughly Rs. 95,000) for the 512GB variant.

For the flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra, potential prices in South Korea included KRW 1,698,400 (approximately Rs. 1,08,000) for the 256GB model and KRW 1,841,400 (around Rs. 1,17,100) for the 512GB variant.

Official Confirmation Awaited:

It's crucial to approach these leaked prices with caution, as they are yet to be officially confirmed by Samsung. The tech giant is expected to unveil the actual pricing details during the Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17. Until then, consumers are encouraged to view these leaks as speculative and exercise patience.


The anticipation surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is reaching its peak, with leaks offering a glimpse into the potential pricing. However, it is essential for consumers to await official confirmation from Samsung during the Galaxy Unpacked event. As the tech world eagerly awaits the unveiling, the pricing details will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the expectations of users and the market alike. Stay tuned for the official reveal on January 17.