Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Prices Revealed for Korea Ahead of Unpacked Event

samsung galaxy s24 series european prices
Samsung enthusiasts in South Korea are eagerly awaiting the release of the much-anticipated Galaxy S24 series, set to be unveiled at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for January 17, 2024. In an intriguing leak, details about the pricing for the Galaxy S24 series in the Korean market have surfaced, shedding light on what consumers can expect when pre-orders kick off on January 19.

Pre-Order and Release Dates:

According to information shared by a reliable tipster on a Korean forum, the pre-order window for the Galaxy S24 series in South Korea will span from January 19 to January 25. Subsequently, these highly anticipated smartphones will be available for purchase starting January 26.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Pricing Details:

Let's delve into the pricing details for the various models within the Galaxy S24 series:

1. Galaxy S24 (256GB) – KRW 1,155,000:
The base model retains the pricing of its predecessor, offering a familiar cost for those opting for the 256GB variant.

2. Galaxy S24 (512GB) – KRW 1,298,000 (KRW 22,000 hike):
While the 256GB model maintains its price point, the 512GB variant sees a moderate price increase of KRW 22,000 compared to its predecessor.

3. Galaxy S24 Plus (256GB) – KRW 1,353,000:
Similar to the base model, the 256GB variant of the Galaxy S24 Plus maintains the pricing structure seen in its predecessor.

4. Galaxy S24 Plus (512GB) – KRW 1,496,000 (KRW 22,000 hike):
The 512GB model of the Galaxy S24 Plus experiences a price hike of KRW 22,000 compared to the previous generation.

5. Galaxy S24 Ultra (256GB) – KRW 1,698,400 (KRW 99,000 hike):
The Ultra variant, offering enhanced features, comes with a notable price increase of KRW 99,000 for the 256GB model.

6. Galaxy S24 Ultra (512GB) – KRW 1,841,400 (KRW 121,000 hike):
The top-tier 512GB variant of the Galaxy S24 Ultra experiences a more substantial price hike of KRW 121,000 compared to its predecessor.

Pre-Order Benefits:

Similar to the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung is sweetening the deal for early adopters of the Galaxy S24 series. Pre-order benefits include storage upgrades, allowing customers to enjoy more space for their apps, photos, and videos. Additionally, customers can choose a discount coupon for either the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro or a 1-year subscription to Samsung Care+, enhancing the overall value proposition for those keen on securing their devices early.

Comparison with European Pricing:

For a comprehensive understanding of the Galaxy S24 series pricing, it's worthwhile to refer to our coverage of the European pricing details. This will provide a global perspective on how Samsung positions its latest flagship devices in different markets.


As Samsung enthusiasts eagerly await the Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17, the leaked pricing details for the Galaxy S24 series in South Korea add to the anticipation. With a mix of price retention and moderate to substantial hikes, Samsung seems poised to offer a range of options catering to diverse consumer preferences. 

As the pre-order window approaches, consumers will weigh the features, benefits, and pricing to make informed decisions about the latest additions to the Galaxy S series lineup. Stay tuned for further updates as Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S24 series at the Galaxy Unpacked event.