Nothing Phone (2a) Drop Test Indicates No Need for Protective Cases

The Nothing Phone (2a) has been a hit, selling 100,000 units on launch day. It keeps the signature transparent design of the Phone (2), but with a more budget-friendly build. A big part of Nothing's phones is their unique look, and some might not want to hide that under a case. But what if you're worried about dropping it? Thankfully, PBKreviews has done a durability test to help you decide.

Nothing Phone (2a) Drop Test Results:

Nothing Phone (2a) Drop Test Results
 Nothing Phone (2a) Drop Test Results
The Phone (2a) features an aluminum frame, a plastic back, and Gorilla Glass 5 protection for the display. The white model's frame has a painted finish. The drop test consisted of four rounds, dropping the phone onto concrete from different heights.
  • Round 1: A waist-height drop onto the screen - no damage whatsoever.
  • Round 2: A head-height drop onto the screen - minor scratches on the frame, but the screen itself is unscathed.
  • Round 3: Another drop from head-height, same results as round 2.
  • Round 4: A waist-height drop onto the side frame - minor scratches on the frame, but no damage to the back or screen.
Overall, the Nothing Phone (2a) emerged from the drop test with little more than a few cosmetic blemishes on the frame. Even the plastic back held up well. This means you can enjoy the phone's unique design without necessarily needing a case for basic protection.

Should You Get a Case?

The drop test results are encouraging, but it's always wise to consider your own risk tolerance. If you're accident-prone or tend to drop your phone frequently, a case is still a good idea for added peace of mind. However, if you're generally careful with your phone, you can likely go case-free and flaunt the Phone (2a)'s distinctive design.