Vi Launches eSIM Services for Prepaid Customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Goa

Vi, formerly known as Vodafone Idea, has launched eSIM services for its prepaid customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Goa. This move signifies a step towards offering faster and more eco-friendly mobile connectivity in these regions.

What are eSIMs?

eSIM stands for embedded Subscriber Identity Module. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIMs are embedded directly into a device, eliminating the need for a plastic card. This offers several advantages, including:
  • Convenience: Easily switch between different mobile service providers without needing to swap physical SIM cards.
  • Security: eSIMs are more difficult to lose or steal compared to physical SIM cards.
  • Sustainability: Eliminates the need for plastic SIM cards, reducing environmental impact.

How to Get a Vi eSIM:

There are two ways to obtain a Vi eSIM, depending on whether you're an existing or new customer:

Existing Customers:

  • Text "eSIM" followed by a space and your registered email address to 199.
  • Receive a confirmation SMS and reply with "ESIMY" within 15 minutes.
  • Provide consent over a call from Vi.
  • Receive a QR code via email. Scan it in your phone's Settings under Mobile Data > Add data plan.
  • Activate your eSIM within 30 minutes.

New Customers:

  • Visit your nearest Vi store with valid identification proof.
  • Complete the activation process with the store representative.
  • Alternatively, visit the online portal on for prepaid subscribers.

Compatible Devices:

Vi eSIMs are currently available for a range of iOS and Android devices. Here are some examples:
  • Apple: iPhone XR and later models
  • Samsung: Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy S21 series, and more
  • Other manufacturers: Motorola Razr series, Google Pixel 3 and above, Vivo X90 Pro, Nokia G60 & X30


Before applying for an eSIM, existing Vi customers need to ensure their email ID is updated. This can be done by sending an SMS to 199. The eSIM service will be available via SMS after a 48-hour waiting period.

For further information, visit the official Vi website or contact your nearest Vi store.