Apple’s Foldable iPhone Launch Delayed, Aligns with Samsung's Galaxy Fold 9

For Apple fans hoping to unfold a brand-new iPhone experience, there might be a longer wait than expected. Recent reports suggest Apple has pushed back the launch of its first foldable iPhone yet again.

Delayed Dreams: From Q4 2026 to Q1 2027

According to DigiTimes, a tech industry publication, Apple has significantly delayed its entry into the foldable phone market. Their initial target for releasing the first foldable iPhone was the fourth quarter of 2026. However, the new information suggests a postponed launch date sometime in the first quarter of 2027.

This delay means that Apple's foldable iPhone might arrive around the same time as Samsung's potential Galaxy Z Fold 9. Samsung, having introduced its first foldable device in 2019, has had a significant head start in developing and refining this technology.

Apple's Reasons for Delay:

Apple foldable iPhone
Apple foldable iPhone Concept Design
Reports indicate that Apple is holding off on releasing its foldable iPhone because they believe the current technology doesn't meet their high standards for durability and user experience. This focus on quality is a hallmark of Apple products, but it can sometimes lead to later release dates.

Interestingly, there are signs that Apple is still actively developing the foldable iPhone. While the launch date has shifted, their component suppliers, Samsung Display and LG Display, are still reportedly on track to deliver the necessary flexible displays. Additionally, some personnel previously working on Apple's Vision Pro AR/VR headset project have been reassigned to the foldable iPhone initiative.

Two Possible Designs: Book or Clamshell?

Apple Fold
Apple foldable iPhone Expected Design
While a confirmed release date remains elusive, reports suggest Apple might be considering two foldable iPhone designs. One design resembles a book, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, with a larger internal display for unfolded use and a smaller external screen. The other design is rumored to be a clamshell-style foldable, akin to the popular Galaxy Z Flip series.

The Future of Apple's Foldable iPhone:

While the exact launch date and design are still uncertain, Apple's continued investment in foldable technology suggests a foldable iPhone is eventually coming. This news might be a disappointment for those hoping for an immediate release, but it could also indicate that Apple is committed to releasing a high-quality product that lives up to its reputation for innovation.